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To know who’s writing here, you can click “About” in the upper left-hand corner. It’s a complex world of long corridors but there’s one way, Jesus, to simple peace of mind, good action and not taking yourself too seriously (even if you are going to heaven). images (16) Call yourself “Rev.” if you’ve had a good day following Jesus. Say “thanks” as a prayer. And if you’re feeling like today or huge hunks of your life were largely wasted (which I totally get because of having been there), you can call on God.

God loves prodigals especially. It’s because we are more likely to change our ways — what the Bible calls repentance — when we have directly experienced how bad it can be out there. Jesus didn’t get through to folks who thought themselves righteous by their own doing (or wanted to continue in hypocrisy), but specifically said He’d come to call sinners to repentance. Then He hung out with drunks, gluttons, adulterers, tax confiscators and parents. Also guys who fished. Jesus recommended having faith like a little child, fitting the scriptural tradition of Jewish prophets who spoke about the maternal as well as the paternal qualities of God. Whatever your day was like, you might as well tell God all about it. He’s up all night anyway.